7 reasons why you can’t miss DN19

At the end of this month, the Data Natives universe will open its doors to you. The wonderland will be more fabulous than ever before and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve created. But how would you know if you’ve never been? Let’s list some reasons why you’ll fit right in at DN19. 

Every year, we bring together a global community of tech pioneers. A diverse, enthusiastic and futuristic crowd, who will explore the realms of technology during a full week of DN19 festivities. 

Satellites. November 19-22.

We kick off with a fine selection of satellite events from our partners in the week before the conference. Warm-up your thinking muscles on a diverse range of topics: from a data pub quiz to data privacy discussions to hands-on demonstrations. A great way to learn and meet your fellow data pioneers in a relaxed environment. 

Hackathon. November 22-24.

You can also join the Data Natives hackathon, at the weekend right before the conference. Together we’ll co-create the future of sustainable living. Along with workshops, fun breakfasts and dinners, it will be a great way to start your DN19 experience. 

And then it’s happening: the one and only Data Natives 2019! You’ll walk into the amazing Kühlhaus Berlin, get a smile from that nice volunteer at the registration, grab your coffee in one of the comfortable coffee corners and you are all set for the games to begin. 

So what can you expect?

  1. Answers to everything you ever wanted to know 

We wouldn’t be an awesome tech conference if we wouldn’t blow your mind with everything that is tech. From the latest trends in AI to the big movements in health tech, to the future of data: we got you covered. And we don’t mean throwing around buzzwords, we mean diving in deep. 

At our ‘Tech Track,’ you’ll find out all about AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT and more. Learn about Machine Learning for recommender systems by Fabian Abel, Director of Data Science at XING. Or find out exactly how human intelligence differs from machines with Danko Nikolic, CDO & CEO at Savedroid/RobotsGoMental. 

  1. Ready for a take-off towards a data-driven future?

‘How to level up tech in my company?’, you might ask. DN19 is the right place for you to explore what is possible. At the startup track, you’ll find young companies sharing their experiences in tech. Learn from their challenges and successes and get inspired. IBM will host the ‘Data Science and Developer Track”. Their Data Science Elite Team will walk you through their different use cases and show you what is possible.  

You’ll learn from Ole Bossdorf, head of business intelligence at Project A Ventures how to build successful data teams. From IBM’s Chan Nassed and Kareem Amin, you’ll learn about faster, repeatable data monetization. 

  1. Where do we come from, where do we go?

We all need to reflect on the big questions in life every now and then. Let DN19 be your time to think big. As our untheme, we ask you this year: ‘What makes you Tech?’. What motivates you in tech, what do you dream of? Besides our ‘Future Track’, where we look into the future of tech, we also launched an ‘Impact Track’ this year. Here we’ll find companies who are on a mission to change the world for the better. 

At the Impact track, you’ll learn about Gender/Racial bias in AI systems by Gunay Kazimzade, a doctoral researcher on AI at the TU Berlin. At the Future Track, you’ll find out how human intelligence will rescue artificial intelligence, by Fanny Nusbaum, an associate researcher at Pdt Centre PSYRENE. 

  1. Everybody needs somebody

On 4 different floors of the magical Kühlhaus, you’ll find all different characters of the scene: developers, CEOs, Data Scientists, visual artists, Ethical AI activists and much more. You’ll be bumping into people you know, people you don’t know and people you’ve always wanted to meet. The good thing is, we are all looking for interesting discussions and you’ll see how fast you’ll be making new connections. With that lady behind you at the cloakroom, the guy sitting next to you in the audience, or the data enthusiast who is also standing next to a speaker to ask her some questions. 

  1. Find your dream job before 2020 starts

How great would it be if you found your dream job before the end of the year? We are committed to making that happen. You’ll find interesting young companies at the Startup stage. We also have a lot of stands from exciting startups and big tech companies and they’ll be walking around in the wild, waiting to meet you. They are looking for talent like you! 

  1. Recruiters out there: look no further 

An awesome conference attracts awesome individuals. Walk through the doors of DN19 and find a huge pool of Data Science and Tech talent. If you are a recruiter or a tech team head, this is the place to be! 

  1. Last but not least: the heat

It’s going to be a cold winter, but a really warm DN19! We put extra heating in the Kühlhaus and we’ll have extra warm drinks, lunches and comfy places to get cozy. DN19 is just going to be heartwarming! 

This is your last chance to secure your ticket to our Wonderland. Click here to grab yours, we wouldn’t want to miss you there!

November 2019