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Introducing Quaefacta! We are a healthcare technology company focused on bringing secure, user-centric and patient focused solutions, including blockchain, AI and IoT to the healthcare and lifesciences fields.

Our innovative technology solutions aim to provide traceability and transparency for the safe exchange of medical data, and to enhance visibility across complex medical supply chains.

Quaefacta’s international team have extensive expertise in healthcare, traceability and utilising blockchain based technology solutions for addressing real world challenges.

Our Offerings

Empowering patients to make informed healthcare decisions via ownership of their own data.


Empowering patients to secure health data in a personalised health record, owned by the patient.


By tracing an individual asset across a value or supply chain, trace data captured at each point links to the physical product, validating that an activity has been performed.


Securing vaccinations / medications on supply chains, vaccination certification and end-user verification.


Generates tamper proof, immutable vaccination certificates and offers enhanced proof of quality for governments, regulatory bodies and end consumers.


Connects patients to healthcare providers for monitoring and tracking health outcomes.


Easily accessible information and improved transparency across global vaccination supply chains allows trust to develop amongst the various participating industries.

Our Patient App

Secure and Validated Vaccination Record

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Amber Patient Advocate

The QFH App is easy to use and I like the fact that the information about me that needs to be shared with others is kept to a minimum.

Ian Traveler

QFH is a big time saver and hassle free. There is no more messing around when I need to show my proof of vaccination or negative Covid tests for travel.

Lea Founder & CEO

At Quaefacta Health, our vision is to empower individuals with their own health data, to optimise patient care and improve health and wellness.

Iris Co-Founder & Chief of Patient Advisory

Quaefacta’s ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes and optimise healthcare through the ethical use of digital technologies.

Tjasa Business Advisor

Quaefacta is bringing the patient experience to the 21st century: patients can't be empowered without having access to their data. Data at hand, can bring improvements on various levels.

David Investor

Quaefacta is an innovative healthtech company utilising blockchain and AI technology to develop a personal health record to optimise patient care. Inspiring and terrific team!

Quaefacta Health Team Staff

We remain committed to digital inclusion: bringing digitalised health solutions to underprivileged and vulnerable communities; improving access to clear, accurate health information; and driving more sustainable and equitable healthcare globally.


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