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Quaefacta Health is an international company with a vision to empower people with the data and knowledge to support healthy choices and allow individuals to play an active role in their healthcare. Our experiences working within and partnering with the healthcare system, as well as our experience as patients navigating the system have inspired us to pursue our mission to improve the quality of healthcare globally through the use of digital technology.

We want to leverage technology to drastically improve the healthcare experience for patients and in turn support health professionals by easing the administrative burden of patient management. As well as the QFH Personal Health Record, Vaccine Record and Covid Pass platforms, we deliver customised SaaS solutions and provide consulting services to entities who are developing technology solutions for healthcare systems and patient focused organisations.

Our team hail from many corners of the globe and it is our desire to take our solutions worldwide and help bring equity to healthcare in developing countries.

Lea Dias

Founder & CEO

Iris Depaz

Co-Founder & Chief of Patient Advisory

Joel Berniac


Tjasa Zajc

Business Advisor

Bjørn Erichsen

ePrivacy & GDPR

What makes us different?

Quaefacta Health is the first company to utilise blockchain and AI technology to develop a personalised health record to optimise patient care.

Quaefacta’s vision is to empower the individual with their own health data via a portable personal health record. Whilst conventionally patient health records exist in legacy systems or even unrecorded.

We aim to provide a single source of truth where the patient owns their data and has access to all medical records. We want to optimise patient care not only helping patients but also physicians. We care about privacy of health and with blockchain technology we are able to put health data truly in your hands.



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