Quaefacta puts your privacy first

Introducing Quaefacta! We are a healthtech company with a vision to empower individuals with their own health data to make informed choices and play an active role in their healthcare.

Our secure, patient-centred and clinician focused solutions leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI to drastically improve the healthcare experience for patients and in turn support health professionals by easing the administrative burden of patient management.

Our Personal Health Record (PHR) allows patients secure portability of health information that can travel with the individual, who can then choose how they share and conceal the information, meeting the strictest privacy standards.

We aim to develop an ecosystem that empowers individuals with their own health information to make more informed choices based on the right data.

Quaefacta’s international team hail from many corners of the globe and it is our desire to take our solutions worldwide and help bring equity to healthcare in developing countries.


Leveraging technologies such as blockchain allows for transparency and traceability for the safe exchange of health data as individuals transition across the healthcare continuum.

This enhances the access and visibility of trusted and traceable health data for the multiple healthcare professionals and provides a single source of the truth to optimise patient care.


Following Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default principles, we implement the strictest
privacy and security standards to protect your sensitive and confidential health information.

Our apps are developed in a highly secure environment and are rigorously tested to bring
peace of mind to our users.


Quaefacta strive to be a healthcare company that you can trust.

We want you, the user, to have the most control over your data as possible. It should be your choice of who your data gets shared with and when.


Generating a tamper proof and immutable vaccination certificate offers an enhanced proof of quality for governments, authority bodies and end consumers. 

Our apps and website are hosted with the most secure standards, which are ISO 27001/2,
GDPR and HIPPA certified



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