OECD_ABIE Sunset Seminar

This week we had the pleasure of attending ‘Future-proofing your business using blockchain’ hosted by OECD_ABIE France.


Quæfacta was amongst the start-up companies embarking on a blockchain project in the supply chain space. Our purpose for being here was:

  1. to hear knowledge and insights from other industry experts;
  2. to reflect on how others attend to the traceability problem;
  3. to be able to come back to our customers with these learnings.

Leanne Kemp (CEO at Everledger), opened the evening as an impressive keynote speaker. She shared her experiences and challenges in bringing traceability to the high value asset diamond industry. As always, key is understanding one’s customers and meeting their expectations from both a business and technology perspective. Ms Kemp’s company brought set tools in certification, validation and auditing, to a high value asset industry, fraught with black markets, blood diamonds and fraud.


Chris Booth (Emadin) was in the audience. He wrote an extensive report of this meeting: “‘Blockchain‘ will disappear in 10 years” Thank you Chris! 😊

One question we’ve been asked so far about blockchain-backed traceability, is: How ready are businesses to implement this technology? Does a sector need to have an existential crisis to demonstrate they are addressing their part on the supply chain?

Global medication supply chains are flooded with counterfeit drugs valued at $200 billion a year, with a significant cost to lives. We want to demonstrate real-time certification of pharmaceutical supply chains, so to bring awareness about the fact this problem can be tackled down.

Lea Dias

CEO at Quæfacta